The 137 Auditions of Avrahaam Yaakob

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One man’s pursuit to become a perfect actor

Avrahaam Yaakob, one of the last remaining Indian Jews in the coastal town of Kochi, Kerala is infatuated by the magic of films. Despite his advancing years (he is touching 60), he keeps attending cinema auditions hoping to win a role. He has never won any. His friend Nandhan keeps a journal that records all his 137 auditions.

Over the years, while auditioning, he gradually goes deeper into each character that he is auditioning for. With every audition, he discovers that he is transforming himself as that other character, another human. He becomes them. The purpose of his pursuit gradually changes.

The realisation dawns on him that it is no longer about winning a part. It is something beyond. The film depicts his journey while accompanying him between his 132nd and 137th audition.

Yaakob’s journey delivers a simple message – The purpose of a good actor is to become a good human.


Censor date:
November 2020 (U)

(English subtitles)

Full HD/ 2K

Director’s statement

I have always been fascinated by actors. When they perform a role, do they “act” the character, or, do they “become” the character? How does that process impact them? Is it painful? Is it joy? Or, something in between.

The film journeys with the protagonist Avrahaam Yaakob, a wealthy Jew from the Jewish Quarter of Mattancherry, a South Indian town by the Arabian Sea. Yaakob keeps attempting cinema auditions, in spite of his advancing years.

The film, The 137 Auditions of Avrahaam Yaakob, is an attempt to discover answers to these questions.

The film makes a sincere attempt to experience his agony as well as joy as he pursues his dream of becoming a perfect actor.

Written and Directed by

Anup Narayanan